Sam Francis: Online Catalogue Raisonné Project
Unique Works on Paper and Expanded Version of Canvas and Panel Paintings

“These paintings approach you where you are…”
—Sam Francis
After de Chirico, 1946 (SFF.9)
The Menil collection, Houston, Texas
“The first time I started playing with liquid paint, letting it fall…it ran off the paper on the sheets, onto the floor. It was…a great feeling…”
—Sam Francis
California Blue Coast, 1949 (SFF4.106)
Private collection [by descent]
Sam Francis at Paris cafe, early 1950s  
Sam Francis at Paris cafe, early 1950s.  

This project is ultimately dedicated to Sam Francis, in answer to his call to dream and imagine as we explore his personal visual history and journey through the decades. Offering this catalogue raisonné in an interactive mode connects us further to his creative spirit.

This digital volume expands and continues the foundation's research and documentation of Francis’s oeuvre initially presented in 2011 with the publication of Sam Francis: Catalogue Raisonné of Canvas and Panel Paintings, 1946–1994, in conjunction with University of California Press (UC Press). It is our intention not only to provide a historical record of Francis’s artworks, but also to embrace his creative and innovative spirit by offering a catalogue that can evolve and change as research continues to develop. Although similar to the 2011 guide, the new material (including addenda as relevant) has been reformatted in a dynamic online platform to make it readily accessible and searchable.  

Entries in this first installment include all currently known unique works on paper as well as canvas and panel paintings attributed to the artist Sam Francis from 1945 through 1949. There are 201 entries, organized by catalogue numbers as explained fully in the Guide. The online version will be continually updated and is organized to function similar to a traditional printed catalogue raisonné, with each work identified in a sequential and essentially chronological order. Organizing a compilation of this magnitude is dependent upon so many, we thank all of you who contributed in the Acknowledgments.

Corrections and updates for the entries and additional documentary materials will be posted at regular intervals (e.g., weekly or monthly) as new information comes to light. Any new information will be time-stamped on the website as changes are published.


Debra Burchett-Lere, Editor 

Beth Ann Whittaker, Project Director

Contributions by: Leila Elliott and Stephanie Velazquez

Research Assistance by: Brittany Binder and Beth Silverman

Please note that the information on this and all pages is periodically reviewed and subject to change.
Current catalogue view includes unique works on paper and canvas and panel paintings of the artist’s oeuvre from the years 1945–1949.

Citation: Burchett-Lere, Debra, ed. "." Sam Francis: Online Catalogue Raisonné Project. (accessed on April 23, 2019).