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Medium: Mixed media »
Year(s): 1946 »
SFF4.53 (Francis Archive SFP46-22)
Alternate titles: Abstract #2, à la Miró; Abstract No. 2, After Miró
Mixed media (oil, casein and gouache) on pasteboard
50.8 x 35.56 cm (20 x 14 in.)
Inscriptions: Signed and dated on lower-middle recto in black ink: '46' Sam Francis
Creation location: San Francisco
Collection: Private collection
Vera Miller, California (1946)
Vera Miller Francis Fulton Family, California
Private collection (2010)
2010–11 Gallery Delaive
Gallery Delaive, Amsterdam, Sam Francis: A Selection of Paintings 1946–1992, December 18, 2010–February 20, 2011 (exhibition catalogue: Delaive 2010), ill. in color, p. 15.
2011 Sotheby's
Sotheby's, S2, New York, Sam Francis: The Exploration of Color, September 17–October 14, 2011. Text by Debra Burchett-Lere (Exhibition catalogue: Sotheby's New York 2011September 17), no. 1, ill. in color, pp. 10–11.
Literature References
Burchett-Lere and Agee 2011
Burchett-Lere, Debra, ed. Sam Francis: Catalogue Raisonné of Canvas and Panel Paintings, 1946–1994. Berkeley, California: University of California Press and Sam Francis Foundation, 2011, p. 10, ill. in color, fig. 8, ill. in color; cat. no. 8, ill. in color on DVD I.

This work was previously documented with the catalogue raisonné number of SFF.8 as it was initially misidentified to be on panel.

Archival Material
1940s Postcard
1940s, Postcard of Fort Miley Veterans' Hospital/Administration Facility, San Francisco
Courtesy Smith News Co., San Francisco
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1946 (circa) Fort Miley hospital
Sam Francis on balcony at Fort Miley hospital, San Francisco
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Current catalogue view includes unique works on paper and canvas and panel paintings of the artist’s oeuvre from the years 1945–1949.

Citation: Burchett-Lere, Debra, ed. "Untitled, 1946 (SFF4.53)." Sam Francis: Online Catalogue Raisonné Project. http://cr.samfrancisfoundation.org/catalogue/entry.php?id=427 (accessed on April 23, 2019).